60s Faux Crocodile Skin Box Sling Purse

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A stunning envelope-style box purse from the 1960s, made with gorgeous sunshine yellow faux crocodile skin, stiffened with strong card and lined with polyester. The purse features highly unique brass press button clasp and Serval zipper, which were previous made in the Serval zipper factory in Flushing Meadows, Queens, New York. As part of its restoration, we’ve had to replace the purse’s top handle strap with an 18k gold-plated sling chain strap.

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This bag originates from New York, USA, 1960s.

This bag is in good vintage condition. Inner lining has light stains and age spots, and has come loose on one side. There are some signs of cosmetic wear on the outer lining. Strap was replaced during restoration.

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