Payments & Returns


1. What currency is Baju Mama Vintage in?

We use Singapore Dollars (SGD) for our shop. Currency conversions are then done by Paypal, based on up to date exchange rates.

2. What options do I have for payment?

We use Paypal as our payment gateway. Through Paypal, we accept all major credit cards as well as Paypal payments. We also accept bank transfers from customers in Singapore.

3. How is payment secured?

We use Paypal for all our payments. For more information on how Paypal secures all payments, please click here. Bank transfers are secured by you respective banks. Please keep copies of your receipt after making the transfer for your own safety.


Returns & Refunds

1. What is your general policy on returns and refunds?

At Baju Mama Vintage, we care about our customers and we care about our vintage pieces. We want all our pieces to find a special home, but at the same time, we completely understand the anxiety of purchasing items online. We know that written descriptions and photographs of our pieces, no matter how accurate, may at times be insufficient for our customers to make informed decisions as to the fit and suitability of a piece (e.g. silhouettes may not fit in the way imagined). For this reason, Baju Mama Vintage accepts requests for returns and will issue refunds where such requests are authorised.

Returns are subject to the following conditions listed on this page. We take great care to restore and package all our pieces safely and securely. Thus, in general, if the pieces have been damaged during transit, or by the customer after receipt, we are not liable and will not approve the request. This means no refunds will be issued.

2. Who pays for the return costs?

Shipping costs for returns must be borne by the customer. We recommend opting for registered or tracked mail to minimise the risk of pieces getting lost in the mail. However, on the off chance that a piece is being returned due to gross misrepresentation on our part (e.g. we failed to list a significant flaw in the piece), we will bear the costs of the return. We will include this cost in your refund.

3. How do I request to return pieces?

To request for a return, contact us within 3 days of receiving your order. Let us know your order number and the reason you are requesting to return the piece. You will receive a response within 24 hours. Please note that we will not entertain requests sent more than 3 days after the piece has been delivered to you.

4. What happens when my request has been approved? How do I go about returning my item?

When a request is approved, you will receive an email containing step-by-step instructions to help facilitate the returns process. We will notify you when we receive the returned items and will process your refund within 2 working days. Note that the refund is processed only after we have received the returned pieces; if we do not receive the returned pieces (e.g. if they get lost in the mail), we will not process your refund.

We are not liable for pieces that go missing in the mail. Thus, we highly recommend that you opt for registered or tracked mail when returning your pieces. This will cost more, but will minimise the risk of us not being able to process your refund.

5. What happens if my request is not approved?

If your request is not approved, you will receive an email containing reasons for our rejection of your request. If you wish to appeal, you may contact us, but we are under no obligation to approve of your appeal. Please do not attempt to return your item if your application is not approved as we will not process the refund!