70s Jirow White Blue Floral Shirtwaist Midi


A lovely sleeveless shirtwaist midi by Jirow, featuring a classic 70s wide collar and a pleated top, cut from floral-printed crepe fabric.

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This dress originates from Japan, 1970s.

Estimated size fit: UK 8 / US 4 / EU 36 / S
(*note: this is only an estimate; please refer to measurements below for greater accuracy)

This item is in very good vintage condition. There are small barely visible stains on the skirt. Otherwise, no other visible stains, tears or defects.

We strive to ensure that our measurements are accurate as possible. View our Sizing & Measurements page for information on how our pieces are sized and measured, and to get a reference of measurements relating to modern sizes (e.g. EU, UK sizing). If you have an further queries about this piece, feel free to contact us, and we’ll do our best to help you.

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31.0cm / 12.20"


90.0cm / 35.40"


64.0cm / 25.20"


168.0cm / 66.14"


99.5cm / 39.17"

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